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Interview: Hit The B Button

Hit The B Button
What does a group of Belfast-based lads do when they’re huddled indoors on a cold day, without a games console to keep them occupied? That’s the question Lynn Gilmour needed an answer... more

Album Review: Alestorm – ‘Sunset on the Golden Age’

Alestorm have gone and been brilliant and brought out a new album. After the difficult second album and difficult third album they have brought out the difficult fourth album that, to use an apt... more

Seven Summits Feature

Seven Summits Twitter Bio
Imagine if Blur were from Belfast. Well, they’d probably dream of sounding a lot like Seven Summits. The four piece indie band are everything the NI music scene was missing, with a sound so far... more

Gig Review: Little Rivers EP Launch (The Menagerie 04/06/14)

Little Rivers EP
Where has Little Rivers been hiding for the past few months? Clearly, as we find out from last night’s EP launch, in the land of musical virtuosity. His latest self titled ‘Little Rivers EP’... more

4 Economic Reasons To Support Local Music

support local music
The 'Support Local Music' horn has been tooted so many times now that people, especially internet people are starting to feel like they have tinnitus. However I am not asking you to go musically... more

The 4 Best Venues in Belfast for Northern Irish Bands

Inside the Empire Belfast
When sitting down to write this article i'm excited, but also a little apprehensive. There are so many great venues in good ol' Belfast (there are also a few pretty not-so-great ones) that it's just... more

Interview – A Plastic Rose

A Plastic Rose
As they prepare to embark on a lightning fast tour of the UK, Lynn Gilmour caught up with Ian McHugh from A Plastic Rose to find out how their new album is going, who inspires them musically, and why... more

Album Review – VerseChorusVerse

VCV album cover
From the confident opening bars of ‘Our Truth Could Be Their Lie’ to the deliberately soporific closing lines of ‘Close Your Eyes, Fall Asleep’, Tony Wright’s accomplished debut album under... more

#NIMusic Tune of the Week #6

The latest NIMusic Tune of the Week comes from L/Derry singer songwriter SOAK. SOAK (Bridie Monds-Watson) has caused a buzz around the Northern Irish music scene over the past while. Her name is a... more

#NIMusic Tune of the Week #5 – Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Cassette
Ash – ‘Shining Light’ In honour of Valentine’s Day, this week’s Tune of the Week is a Northern Irish love song, from Downpatrick chart-toppers Ash. ‘Shining Light’ was written... more